With new ownership from American holdings company Right Lane Industries, AB Stretch has a new outlook as it begins its brand transformation to Five Points Film.  Right Lane Industries has an excellent reputation for investing in American manufacturing companies, and then providing them with resources, energy and capital to bring them to the next level. Their investment in AB Stretch is no different. The transformation from AB Stretch to Five Points Film is meant to mark a major overhaul in customer service, product quality and on time delivery- values Five Points knows are critical to its customers.

Five Points will continue to produce the same brand name films AB Stretch was known for, with an added emphasis on product quality. Machine films will include Impact Elite, (its newest film featuring high puncture, 300% stretch qualities) Impact Ultra and Impact Pro. Pre-Stretch will include Fierce Wrap, and Hand Films will include Titan and Armor Wrap. Five Points will also continue to provide specialty wraps including 6 color choices and extra wide film, ranging from 40” to 100” wide.

Gregg Smith, who took the reins at AB Stretch in July of 2019 has been instrumental in transforming the business. “The re-branding process enables us to take on an identity that reflects the positive, customer focused changes we have made in the last several months. We are very excited to continue business under the Right Lane Industries umbrella, which we believe has the right combination of business experience and resources to help Five Points to continue to grow and best serve our customers.”

While Five Points will continue to make the same brand films in its US based plant, Smith notes the renewed emphasis on the customer care under the Five Points Film name. “We understand that our customers have many choices when it comes to stretch film. With that being said, we are committed to providing our customers with a different experience when they buy from Five Points.” The Five Points Film tag line does a good job of describing its orientation toward customers:

Your Satisfaction is our Priority
We’ve got cutting-edge technology, an innovative culture & Grade A films, but most importantly, we’ve got your back.

Unlike some mega producers where customers are treated like numbers, Five Points Film believes in real time, human-to-human customer care, prompt service and a willingness to go above and beyond for its customers. The business and its staff look forward to personifying this tag line as it moves forward under its new name and brand identity.

Five Points Film encourages its customers to stay tuned for more exciting changes and improvements in the coming months. For more information on Five Points Film, visit www.fivepointsfilm.com. For more information on Right Lane Industries, visit www.rightlaneindustries.com.